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1. Scope

The ASLP Journal is published by the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP) . It aims to disseminate academic and scholarly articles that will assist and provide information to special libraries and library professionals. Articles cover the following topics:
a. Current trends, techniques and programs in special libraries
b. Library promotion
c. Networking and collaboration
d. Review of services, products and systems in special libraries
e. Ethics and professionalism
f. Others (as determined by the editorial board)

2. The contents of the Journal consist of the following:
a. Resource papers by distinguished personalities that the ASLP Board will submit to the Editorial Board;
b. The manuscripts submitted which must be accompanied by a letter from the author/contributor with the following information:
 A declaration statement that the manuscript is an original material and has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere, in full or in part, in print or digital format.
 The manuscript must properly acknowledged and listed.
 The authors must have the full responsibility that they have not infringed on the copyright of others
 The copyright form was signed by the author/authors
 All authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest including financial, personal or relationship with organizations that could inap-propriately influence or possible to influence their work.
The Editorial Board will decide which manuscript will be accepted for publication (electronically or in print)

3. Article preparation
 Manuscripts should be written in English using the following format
a. A4 format in Times New Roman/Georgia
b. Size 12 font
c. Double space with 1 inch margin on all sides
d. Manuscript including tables and figures
e. Figures should be submitted in jpg and word format
f. References and citations should be typed legibly and manually and no automatic numbering)
g. If footnotes are used, use End notes
 The order of the manuscript is preferred to be submitted as follows:
a. Title page
b. Abstract
c. Text
d. Acknowledgements (if any)
e. References
f. Figures and Tables
g. If footnotes are used, use End notes

4. Title page
The title page must include:
a. Title of the article (limited to 200 characters)
b. Author’s full name (Last, First, Middle) with address or name of institution/organization where the author is affiliated
c. Authors contact details (mailing address, email, phone/fax number). The corresponding author shall be responsible for communication with ASLP.
d. List of meeting(s) where the material has been previously presented or is under consideration for presentation.

5. Abstract
The abstract should summarize the contents of the article in a concise and clear format. It could have the following headings:
a. Objectives (purpose of the article)
b. Methods (study design, setting, subjects)
c. Results (summary of outcome or data obtained)
d. Conclusion (if applicable)

6. Acknowledgement
All contributors who did not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in the acknowledgement section such as persons who provided technical help (statistics, typing of the manuscript, writing and editing assistance).

7. References
All references should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text.

8. Figures and Tables
The tables should complement textual information written. It should be type and numbered with double spacing on a separate sheet.

9. Submission checklist
The following list will be useful during the final checking of the article prior to sending for review. Ensure that the following are present:
a. If there is more than one author, a designated corresponding author should pro-vide his/her email address, phone numbers, and postal address
b. The files for submission should contain keywords, figure captions, tables (including title, description, footnotes)
c. The manuscript has been spell checked and grammar checked
d. References followed the required format
e. Submission file should be in MS Word format

10. Author inquiries
For inquiries relating to the submission of articles, send an email to

11. The Contents of every issue of the ASLP Journal is subject to the approval of the Editorial Board. The members of the Editorial Board are determined by the newly elected ASLP Board.